SF805-Y Forte Stadium Seat

  • It is completely produced by original ‘’Polyethylene Raw Material’’ with blow molding technique.
  • There is no any non-standard ( recycled ) raw material inside .
  • Seat and backrest are with double walls and durable against impacts. In addition to that, there are ribs under the seat to increase durability.
  • In order to make the seat more durable to UV and to the external factors, UV stabilizer additive is used.
  • Color fastness dyestuffs are used is in maximum level in order to avoid discoloration.
  • The folding system is opened&closed with center of gravity system , not with a spring . It is in a structure that pushes the body towards back side and has a design and pattern that prevents slipping while seated.
  • Metal legs and connection parts are covered with electrostatic paint or galvanised. With this for long years corrosion is avoided.
  • The seat has special structure & assemble type for holiganism . It is used metal shaft that is 12 mm diameter in each connection part for both seat and backrest .This shaft is mounted to backrests’ metal part for both sides. In this way, it does not remove in hooligan attacks and also increase the resistance level.
  • According to customer requests, our seats can be produced with UV Stabilizer Additives, Flame Retardant Additives, and Colour Fastness Additives.
  • Features of the product can change according to the place and physical conditions of the place.
  • There are two oval labeling places in front of the seats which the dimension is 75 x 100 mm, and behind of the seat which the dimension is 115 x 75 mm and also there is a thumbwheel switch under the seat which the dimension is 35 x 50 mm when you fold it.
  • It is with TS EN 13200-4 and TS EN 12727 and TS EN 13200-4 certificates and production is made according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System .


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