We, as Mete Plastic Industry and Co and Inc, aim to gain the trust of our partners, with respect to nature and hygenic production principle, by following modern technologic improvements, ensuring occupational health and safety by developing systems for preventing work accidents, by prioritizing communication and education to develop skills and knowledge of our workers, by assimilating transparency principles. And with the Integrated Management System that we formed as above mentioned purposes, we perform the below listed activities;

  • Not compromising on quality at every stage, from production to delivery,
  • Ensuring continuity in customer satisfaction,
  • Increasing productivity with continuous improvement approach,
  • Providing regular training to our employees for continuity of quality consciousness,
  • Recording all of our processes,
  • Increasing our competitiveness and our profitability, by bringing our organizational culture in compliance with quality management,
  • Being a model institution who respects for all living things,
  • Minimizing environmental impacts to prevent environmental accidents,
  • Using natural resources in a most efficient way,
  • Raising environmental awareness in order to reduce energy consumption and waste amount,
  • Providing regular training to our employees in order to raise environmental
  • Raising occupational health and safety awareness, in all of our employees and our
  • Preparing a safe environment for our employees and our guests
  • Fulfilling carefully all legal requirements that we are obligated,
  • Providing department and general regular trainings to our employees in order to raise
  • Reaching the goal of zero work accident by eliminating possible risks,
  • Meeting the expectations and needs in fastest and best way, by providing quality and hygenic products and by fulfilling the hygienic conditions at every stage of production,

And in this direction, with the participation of all our employees , we are committed to applying and improving continuously the Business Ethics, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 45001 standards requirements.

General Manager