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Kids tables and chairs

Mete Plastic with the brand name PRIMA offers a full line of children’s furniture Tables and chairs Pre school children should have been in safe place which plays an essential role in ensuring kids safety. Specially all children safety statistic datas shows us that Pre school children have been faced much more accidently injuries while they been out of home places such as kindergarten, preschool. The place where our kids playing in there should have avarage size of toys, chairs etc .in order to prevent accidents turn up in chairs,  tables etc.

As we Mete Plastic with the brand name of Prima offers Premium quality of the tables & chairs in order to minimise the risk of injuries from the turn up in chairs and tables. We are following the international safety regulations and standards in each process of the production. Low weight of the our tables & chairs gives a advantage to move them from anywhere in easy. Specially Most of the managements such as kindergartens, preschools consider to offer safe and quality of plastic made chairs and tables for kids

There are many different range of the chair and tables preffered by the sector leaders of the kindergartens, schools. To select the size of the tables and chairs is very important. For example big size of the table is very suitable for the big group of the activities. Small size of the table can be use private bring freely working conditions for the kids. We have different size & color options, You can choose any color and size from our current range of the products.

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