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Plastic Made Outdoor Furniture

Always colored our back yards with their design and quality. Choosing the best material for outdoor furniture is a matter of quality & fashion. You have to know. Plastic Outdoor furniture is made from different materials, majority of them made by plastic. Durability? Well…it’s plastic. If it will last 500 years in a landfill it ought to do okay in your backyard. Easy to clean ? Plastic outdoor furniture does not keep the dirt and dust on the surface for tgoo lonk because of the antistatic specification.

To use open places tremendously increasing in the summer time. We are ususally choose to open area during the summer days. That is why usage of the plastic garden furniture will be often in summer time.

Outdoor Garden Furniture

As we Mete Plastic Industry and Trade Inc offer big variety of plastic outdoor furniture to all our customers at Premium quality.

For the outdoor garden furniture we offer chair, armchair, kid chair & table, tables with many colors at reasonable price with Premium quality. Please take your time and visit our web site to see rest Products.

We have established a  production plant that houses the newest technologhy of machinery fleet, experienced techinically employees that work in accordance to the ISO 9001, ISO22000,ISO14001. Our aim is as our organization is to provide our customers with highes quality of the plastic outdoor furniture at very reasonable price.

We also offer to our customers functional products in order to bring better value and better solution. We focus to keep our promise from the beginning to the end day of the shipment. We also test and critize in order to increase our customer expactation each year and right after every shipment. We always value our customers feedback in order to provide them in better bus iness conditions for long term business relationship.