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Industrial Products

Industrial Plastic Products; We have been manufacturing plastic waste containers in accordance with ISO9001, EN 840-1-2, CE standards using the latest technology

Industrial Plastic Products; The containers are manufactured with high-pressure injection molding process by using virgin HDPE raw material which are resistant to frost and UV rays. We ensure the quality along with stability.

Industrial Plastic Products;   We also have extra options such as embossing, hot stamping, screen printing etc.

If you are involved with big volume of plastic made wate bins Mete plastic have been offering Premium quality of wate bins with large options,

Big wolume of the plastic waste bins are the Products ususlly use in Public places such as shoping malls, parks, streets and etc .

We are focus on both functionality and quality together. Quality and funchionality are somethings has vital role for the customer decisions. We always keep our quality by using first quality of raw material and high molded tecnology as well.

Big volume plastic waste bins have different option and capacities. For example we have waste bins with wheels , without whells or Wall installed, with footh pedal and much more

Industrial Plastic Products; We have also dfferent color options Please ask us for the better quality at reasonable prices from us. For the further details of our plastic waste bins pleasse do not hesitate to contact us for a prompt reply